Enjoying Raw Cones

raw cones are simply cut-up raw leaves, stems and filter sections from a freshly baked cone. They can be smoked as much as you want, making them an inexpensive way to get your nicotine fix. Some people like to take their raw cones with them on camping trips and some just enjoy eating a cone or a slice while they’re at the gym. Some even love using a special glass pipe to smoke a joint or a cone.

Raw Cones are great for snacking, but they’re best when paired with something sweet. Some prefer to eat a cup of warm milk while others like to snack on sugarless gum or flavored mints. Others will have a hard time sticking with plain hot chocolate, but there are some people who just like the feel of a nice minty coffee without the caffeine. Some people like to go with flavored coffee instead of regular, but if you have a hard time choosing between sweet and non-sweet items, just stick with what is easiest for you. You will be surprised by how many different types of people there are who enjoy getting their nicotine fix through these delicious cones!
Raw Cones may seem like an old-fashioned option to people who don’t smoke that often, but they’re actually quite popular today. People who enjoy a change from the traditional cigarette have been known to consume them without actually lighting a stick. Some people are even turning to raw cones as a substitute for their morning coffee. If you’re looking for a healthier way to get your nicotine fix, try a cone or two! They are cheap, convenient, healthy and you can use them all day long without ever thinking about smoking!